Mission Statement

Our purpose is to function and act as an association of professional hotel Concierge in Canada, and to act as an affiliate of the Union Internationale des Concierges d’Hôtels “Les Clefs d’Or” (UICH), formerly known as the Union International des Portiers des Grands Hotels (UIPGH), of Paris, France.  As such, we strive to establish and promote high professional and ethical standards; to coordinate, promote, and assist the activities and interests of Concierges; to foster friendship and communication among Concierges of hotels in Canada and abroad; to expand the training of those entering the profession; to promote, enhance and improve the technical skills and professionalism of Concierges; to foster the development of the hotel industry and tourism in general, and to maintain the highest possible standards of services for the hotel guests.

Concierge\kon-syersh\. N. doorkeeper;
Keeper of the keys

Les Clefs d’Or\lay clay dor\ n. An international
professional organization of hotel concierges
dedicated to service