How to Become a Member of Les Clefs d'Or Canada

Minimal requirements:
a) You must have five (5) years of hotel experience
b) You must be a full-time concierge employed and paid by a hotel for a minimum of two (2) years
c) You must have participated in a minimum of eight (8) monthly meetings in the twelve (12) months prior to your application
1. You must be invited by an existing member and a Guest Form must be completed at your first regional meeting.

2. When invited to return, you will be asked to provide an application package to the Vice-Director of your local region.
Package to include:
a) Your resume
b) A cover letter from you stating your interest in joining Les Clefs d’Or Canada
c) A letter of support from your General Manager/ Chef Concierge
d) Proof of full-time employment and proof that you are paid by your hotel

3. You will be welcome to attend the open portion of monthly meetings at a cost of $25.00 per meeting.

4. A series of secret shoppers (existing members) will evaluate your potential to deliver the utmost in quality service in the months leading up to your official presentation. You will also be asked to write a time-sensitive national exam.

5. At the October regional meeting you will be required to make a brief presentation summarizing your experience and explaining why you wish to become a member of Les Clefs d'Or.

6. The members of your region will vote on your application at the end of this meeting. Some of the points that will be taken into consideration are: attendance and participation at monthly meetings, grades received on the secret evaluations and on the national exam, participation in the association’s charity and fund raising activities, and overall professional and ethical conduct.

7. Your Regional Director will present your file to the National Board at the Fall National Meeting (usually in November), and if passed by the National Board (composed of the six National Executive Members and all seven Regional Directors), you will be accepted into our association.

8. Once you are accepted:
a) You will receive a phone call from your Regional Vice-Director prior to the next meeting.
b) At the next meeting you will be presented your golden keys to be worn only on duty, representing your accomplishment and your commitment to Les Clefs d’Or.
c) You will be invoiced annual dues of $300.00*.
*subject to change